“The Lord is my shepherd;

    I have all that I need”

Psalms 23:1

I went through a phase a few months ago where I cleaned out almost my entire house, and either threw stuff out or donated it. It needed to be done and I was up to the task!

Now, there wasn’t that much in here in the first place because we only live in a bungalow but the purge was necessary in my mind.

You see, I struggle with balancing the need to practice minimalism and buy all the cute home decor I see. But one day I woke up and realized I didn’t need half of the “stuff” in my home.

I started with the kitchen cupboard that stores Tupperware, and not even the spider that came crawling out could throw me off course (there may have been some screaming involved though)

I went through every room in my home and the pile of junk that accumulated was enough to make me cringe, and realize I buy things that I don’t need.

Yes, we need things in this life. I need my instant pot, I need to buy huge packs of toilet paper when they are on sale and store it everywhere I can, and I need a million picture frames. But ultimately, everything I truly need is found in Christ, and this scripture tells us that because He is our shepherd, we will never want for anything.

He watches over us, protects us, forgives and loves us, provides and heals… the list is endless! So while there are some necessities in this life, as long as we have Jesus in our hearts – we are set!

Whatever you need today, God can be the answer for you, regardless of how impossible it may seem (I’ve learned that that is when He does His best work)

God, help me to find the balance between material things of this world, and my need for You. Please don’t allow “stuff” from this life ever take Your place in my heart.

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