Luke 8:16-18 MSG

“No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a washtub or shoves it under the bed. No, you set it up on a lamp stand so those who enter the room can see their way. We’re not keeping secrets; we’re telling them. We’re not hiding things; we’re bringing everything out into the open. So be careful that you don’t become misers of what you hear. Generosity begets generosity. Stinginess impoverishes.”

I have two daughters, who at this very moment, are fighting over a cardboard box. The day is winding down, we are all tired, and emotions seem to be running high. The most paramount issue of their young lives is who gets to have the box next. We will all have a discussion later on about the importance of sharing and being kind.

Many outgrow the “everything is mine” stage of their lives, and eventually mature into respectful, considerate adults. I remember a few friends that I had in high school, who I thought were Christians of some form. When asked about their beliefs, they quickly became silent and rejected the conversation. Things got awkward, and our discussion abruptly turned to another topic.

I was so confused at the time, as I had always been told that the gospel was to be shared. I look at the state of our world and the scriptures above speaks so loudly and clearly to me. We aren’t keeping secrets, but rather are to be telling them. No more hiding this wonderful gospel that we have been so blessed to hear and receive, it’s time to bring everything out into the open.

Our everyday lives should be a living testimony of God’s goodness. The evidence of all that He has done for us should shine bright like a city set on a hill. A miser is one who is unhappy, stingy and hoards all that they have. We cannot waste any more time keeping Jesus to ourselves, His love is for everyone.

What is one simple way that you can share the gospel today? Don’t overlook or underestimate the power of genuine kindness, a smile goes a long way.

Prayer: God, I am so thankful for the gospel that is alive and at work in my life. Reveal to me ways that I can share all that I know and have experienced with others. Help my life to shine brightly, so that others may see You in me.

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