Psalms 16:8

“I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.”

Have you ever heard the saying “shaking in your boots”? Sometimes life can leave us feeling that way, whether its from fear, shock or grief. We can easily and unexpectedly be caught off guard by changing seasons, and left feeling anxious and worried about what tomorrow will hold.

Scripture reminds us that the Lord is always with us, and that we won’t be shaken because he is right beside us. This isn’t a “I might not be shaken” situation; the verse is very clear. We will NOT be shaken.

Once we recognize the simple truth that God is always with us, we won’t be shaken. He never leaves our side, and has already walked through our tomorrow.

We have to understand who God is if we want to walk through this life victoriously.

He is good.

He is faithful.

He is always present and aware.

He is love.

He is merciful.

If we can build our foundation on these promises and attributes of God – no situation that life throws our way will unnerve us. We will remain firm in him and who he is.

Prayer: God, I’m thankful today that you are always with me. I wouldn’t want to walk through life without you. Help me to better understand who you are and to base my life on your truth.

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