For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalm 91:11. 

I don’t live many days without hearing the phrase, “did you hear about… that shooting?… that natural disaster?… that murder?… that disease?… that fill in the blank with awful news.”

The New York Times Headlines can shape the rest of our day in a negative way—if we permit. However, let those stories bring you to a place of prayer over the grieving individuals, the impossible situations, the climate of your Nation, etc. Pray that God would dispatch His angels to keep your family during a difficult time—it’s His word and it is true.

A few weeks ago I went to General Conference in Florida, right after Hurricane Ian hit. I walked into Walmart and there was no produce, no eggs, no water, etc. Without anyone saying it I heard the heart-cry of people, “we don’t know what the future holds.”

I remember at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, Costco was overwhelmingly packed. I stood in line with hundreds of other people for over an hour. I was in close proximity with so many men and women and I could hear their conversations. The word coronavirus was spoken over and over, and over again.

One thing that has been overwhelmingly clear to me is the length people will go when they feel panicked—when they are afraid. I have witnessed the veneer of successful, wealthy people wash away when they openly fight for toilet paper.

This world is desperate.

This world understands the importance of having their natural needs met, but are oftentimes unaware of their spiritual needs. When a personal storm of diagnosis, financial struggle, family trial comes, their spirit is weak, hungry, lacking, and broken. A lot of people don’t understand that God can help them.

During the “what ifs” in life, we need to know that there is peace in the midst of the storm. We need to know that we do not walk alone through the valley of the shadow of death, because our God will walk with us. It would be amazing if the verse said, fly over the valley! However, it says, walk through… but, THOU ART WITH ME.

In your difficulty right now, maybe just take a few moments to remind yourself, “Thou art with me. Thou, my savior, art with me. Thou, my King, art with me. Thou, my healer, my provider, my shepherd, art with me.”

I was reading an article by Dave Ramsey, who is a Christian financial coach, and he writes, “Just saying it (coronavirus) out loud is enough to make you want to grab a mask, wash your hands, and become a hermit. But you know what’s even more dangerous than a virus? Fear. That will creep in, eat away at you, and cause more destruction than the threat of any illness ever could.

Fear immobilizes a person.

I’m not saying that we should not take the necessary precautions to keep our families and ourselves safe taken care of during a pandemic, hurricane, snow storm, trial etc. But. I am suggesting that allowing fear to rule your life will affect you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Matthew 6:33–34 encourages us to,  “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

I love these scriptures because they tell us…

If you have time to worry, then you have time to pray.

If you are encumbered with fear because of what you have heard in the media, give that to the Lord. Take it to God in prayer and allow Him to bring peace into your life. The “what if” questions that replay in our minds can paralyze us from growing because they are questions that fester worry.

Please prepare for the future and do everything you can do to keep you and your family healthy and safe. But, don’t just prepare in the natural, focus on your spiritual well being. And, when fear tries to rule your today and tomorrows, rebuke it and then turn your worries in to prayers.

Prayer: Lord, I cast all of my questions, all my fears, and all of my worry to You. I desire to live a life of peace, regardless of what is happening in the world around me. Help me to feed my spiritual side more than what I feed my flesh. I pray that you would give Your wisdom to the President, senators, mayors, pastors, and leaders in this nation to lead this nation in times of tragedy. I pray that You would go to the grieving families that have lost loved ones, and carry them in your peace. I pray for every family who lacks, send us to them to offer food and resources. Help us, your church, meet people at their need. When fear immobilizes me from moving forward, help me to rebuke fear so I can be in Your will and experience Your perfect love. In Jesus name, Amen.



Angela Overton is a lover of words, nature, and coffee. She is an ordained minister with the UPCI, has a Masters Degree in Theology, and loves to teach Bible studies. She and her amazing husband, Michael, pastor in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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  1. Such a timely word and great reminder! Thank You, God, for peace that goes beyond understanding!