What is God calling you to do? What is holding you back from accepting the call and stepping out in faith into God’s purpose for you? It could be preaching to thousands behind a pulpit or quietly sharing your testimony with an acquaintance over a cup of coffee. It could be writing the next worship song that reaches around the world or singing with your Sunday School class as you teach them about God’s goodness and love. Maybe, like the prodigal son, you have walked away from the Father and are far from home. But you can feel God’s love drawing you back. He will be there waiting with open arms to welcome you, but you have to make that return trip home.

I was listening to a podcast yesterday for aspiring writers. The interviewed lady shared that she had felt the urge to write but was reluctant and didn’t know how to start. She had a mentor friend in her life that encouraged her to be willing to take that first step and see what God could accomplish through her obedience. She said, “This can either be a wish of ‘One Day….’ or it can be ‘Day One‘ of your new focus and following your passion.”

As someone who has always had a passion for the written word, an avid reader, and an occasional editor, this podcast called out to me. Since the first of the year, I have felt a renewed urgency and passion for trying my hand at writing. Since then, it has been my personal goal to write “something” monthly. As I have followed this prodding in my spirit, it seems like everywhere I turn, I can see inspiration in my daily life. A part of a sermon I have heard here, a Bible verse there, a podcast, a thought while in prayer. The difficulty often is how to put it all together into something that speaks to me and ministers to those who might read it.

Proverbs 16:9 (NASB) says, “The mind of a person plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” How can you know if something is from God or your own thoughts and desires? We have to lean in and pray for a gift of discernment. Not only do we need to discern God’s will, but also God’s timing. I know in my own life, I have felt a calling to write for many years and have used that gift in limited ways in ministry. But it has only been in the last few months that I have had the time and opportunity to pursue it. There are many examples in the Bible of people who God called for a specific time and place, but it took many years for it to come to fruition. Abraham was childless when he was given a promise that he would be the father of many nations. Because the promise was not fulfilled in the time Abraham expected, he took matters into his own hands, but it went against God’s plan and timing. Joseph dreamed of being a leader when he was just a teenager, but it wasn’t until many years and many trials later that it truly and fully came to pass.

Psalm 37:23-24 (GNT) instructs, “The Lord guides us in the way we should go and protects those who please him. If they fall, they will not stay down, because the Lord will help them up.

Isaiah 30:21 (NLT) tells us, “ Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, ‘This is the way you should go,’ whether to the right or to the left.

Are you listening for the voice of God in your life? What is He calling you to do today? He is waiting for you to say yes to His purpose for you. You can put off the leading of His Spirit for a better, more convenient time—One Day or today can be Day One, allowing God to order your steps into His perfect will. Whatever your gift or talent, be willing to share it for His glory!

Lord, help us to be still while You are working and preparing the way, but then be willing to step out into Your calling when it’s time. If we have walked far away from You through our willfulness and sin, we know You are waiting with open arms full of mercy and love to welcome us back home. 

Make today DAY ONE of your new life in Christ!


Shelly Stringfellow is the blessed wife of one husband, Roy, for the past 38 years, proud mother of two exceptional adult children, Candace and Jordan, and Mimi, to the two cutest grandbabies ever, Ellainya and Selah. She loves reading and writing but is not a fan of ‘rithmetic! She attends Lighthouse Church in Princeton, Texas, where her son-in-law and daughter pastor.


  1. Really enjoyed your message.
    God bless you and I look forward to more devotionals from you.