Psalms 69:32 ESV

“When the humble see it they will be glad; you who seek God, let your hearts revive.”


Have you ever felt tired? I have two daughters, both of whom were terrible sleepers since birth. They were most needy during the night, waking up anywhere from 5-6 times for a bottle, diaper change or just some snuggles. At first, you are kind of okay with the lack of sleep because you’re surviving on the new baby high, but eventually it catches up to you, and you crash.. hard.

Something similar can happen in our spiritual lives as well. If we aren’t regularly going to the well to be filled, we will run dry. Exhaustion will set in, and the journey will no longer look exciting and promising, but rather impossible and hopeless. We must always be in pursuit of God, and the things of God. Seeking requires patience and diligence, but our hearts will be revived in the process.

The bible is filled with stories of ordinary people who went to great lengths to find what had been lost. In that moment, nothing else mattered but the retrieval of the missing item. In our daily lives, nothing else must matter more than seeking God and His voice.

Is your heart and soul weary today? Make the journey to the well, for there you will find Jesus and His everlasting springs of living water. Allow your heart to be revived today, your spirit refreshed and your mind to be filled with thoughts of peace.

Prayer: God, please revive my spirit today. Help me to live my life with new passion and zeal for Your kingdom. 


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