“Whatever you do, do well. For when you go to the grave, there will be no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom.”

Ecclesiastes 9:10

What talents and gifts have you been given? What abilities can you use for the kingdom?

Personally speaking, I often question if what I have is enough. Can I actually change the world with what little I have? I’m sure some of you have asked yourselves the same question before, but I have a little reminder for us all.

If God has given it to you, it’s enough. Do not underestimate the power of faithfulness in the “small” things.

Perhaps that smile you gave to the cashier at your local grocery store was enough to turn her day around.

The prayer you prayed over your children before school covered them, and gave them peace and confidence to face the day.

What may appear to be mundane and complacent, could actually be consistency and determination. Whatever you do, do well


Lead worship with fervency and passion.

Be a prayer warrior in your own home.

Love your family.

What you have been given is enough, because it all comes from God who is more than enough!

God, I’m thankful for my talents. They seem so insignificant in my own eyes, but I know you have trusted me with them to show others Your goodness. Help me to recognize what you have given me to reach others around me.

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