“Are you Isaac’s mom?” This is a question I get often since everyone seems to know my son. I used to want to correct people and say, “Yes, I’m Angie,” but now I feel honored to be called “Isaac’s mom.”

Isaac was born in January 2005 with Spina Bifida, along with a long list of other complications. He required several surgeries and hospitalizations his first year of life and has since had many more. There have been good years, bad years, and everything in between.

Our journey has been a process of learning, leaning, and growing. I’ve learned to speak medical jargon and could probably pass my nursing degree if I only had time for the schooling. I’ve learned what each grunt, cry, and hand gesture means.
I will never understand life’s circumstances. After arguing with God time and time again, I have learned its best to just trust Him.

As hard as it may be, I’ve also learned to lean on friends, family, nurses, and whoever may be willing to lend a helping hand when I needed it most. I’ve learned to lean on doctors and trust their judgment and expertise. Most of all, I’ve learned to lean on God and trust that He has His hand in every surgery or procedure.

I’ve grown in ways I never thought possible. I never knew prior to having Isaac where Children’s Hospital was located or what Ronald McDonald House & Variety did for families. Now I am actively involved in helping these charities. I have also had the opportunity to make lifelong friends with families that we have met at Children’s Hospital.

Isaac has shown me what it means to truly love unconditionally. He faces life with a smile and determination that inspires me to be a better person.

In December he was recovering from surgery and was also fighting pneumonia at the time. After a long night of medications and breathing treatments, I went in his room for a snuggle before work. He looked up at me and said, “God has a plan for us. What’s God’s plan for us?” I told him I wasn’t sure but I knew God loved us and it would be ok. It’s not uncommon that God uses Isaac to remind me just how much He loves me. He chose me to be Isaac’s mom for a reason, and for that I’m blessed beyond measure.

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Julie is a writer who would rather read, a speaker who would rather listen, a joyful wife to Peter, and a determined mother of two. She is the More to Life director and editor of Reflections Magazine UPCI.

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