“The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place that you appointed for them. You set a boundary that they may not pass, so that they might not again cover the earth.”

Psalms 104: 8-9 ESV

Have you ever experienced a season of drought in your life? By this, I mean a spiritual drought, where the answer to desperate prayers seem to elude you, leaving you confused and disappointed. Have you ever had mountaintop moments where you were sure that you could conquer anything thrown your way, those precious moments of victory and rejoicing?

Life is a pattern of ebbs and flows, some valleys and some mountain tops. None of us are excluded from the drastic changes that life is known for throwing our way.

The above scripture is a beautiful reminder that God commands the literal, physical mountains and valleys to their appointed places. If He has the authority and power to cause mountains to rise and valleys to fall, this ensures us that He can also do the same for the changing seasons in our lives.

If you are on the mountain top today, know that God has allowed that mountain to rise for a purpose and it is not to be wasted. Rejoice, learn what you can from this season, and appreciate all of God’s blessings and favor in your life.

If you are walking through a valley today, know that God has appointed that valley for a time and a season. He has set a boundary for the depth, duration, and conditions and will not allow anything to happen that is outside of His will.

You can rest secure in whatever season of life you are in, knowing that God is in full control. Surrender your life to His plan and watch as the path before you is made clear.

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