One of my favorite worship songs right now is “Looking Up,” as sung by Nashville Life, and featuring vocalist CeCe Winans. The chorus alone is worth the listen, but there are two lines that thrill my soul with HOPE :

All of my problems are below You.

All that I need is in the palm of Your hands.

Did you catch that?! The problems aren’t below US — they’re below GOD! OUR problems are below HIM. Under our God’s feet. We only need to focus upward. Not outward. Not inward. Certainly not downward. UPWARD. Look UP!

Secondly, every single thing that we could need is ready and waiting for us in the outstretched palm of God’s hand! Instead of fretting, worrying, doubting, questioning, and “singing the blues” over what you lack— LOOK UP! He has it ready for you to choose from His  hand.

We aren’t oblivious to what’s around us. But, we know that WE can’t change any of it. Instead, we choose to change the direction of our gaze. We will look UP!

When we look up, we don’t see the never-ending swarm of problems that seemingly compass us. Our gaze focuses on Almighty God, and we see Him as the Conqueror. He is the Lord of Hosts. He commands the host of Heaven, and they march into battle FOR us.

Look at what verse two says in the song—

Verse 2:

Surrounded by my enemies

They wanna go to war

I won’t lose a single thing

For the battle is the Lord’s (Yeah)

I’m not ashamed to celebrate

Stand and testify

‘Cause every time I call that name

I know the victory is mine

“EVERY TIME I call that name, I KNOW the victory is mine!” I don’t doubt. I don’t question. I don’t waver. I KNOW my help comes from God!

“My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth” (Psalm 121:2 NKJV).

If God made the earth (and He did!), then don’t you believe He is in control of it still? Don’t you want the peace that comes from trusting in that Creator?

The bridge of “Looking Up” is so powerful, as it serves as a ‘call and response’ refrain! Consider the question in the following scripture—

“I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?” (Psalm 121:1 ESV)

Bridge 1:

Tell me where (Tell me where)

Is my help (Is my help)

Coming from (Coming from)

It’s coming from the Lord (It’s coming from the Lord)

Bridge 2:

It’s coming from the Lord (It’s coming from the Lord)

Healing is coming from the Lord (It’s coming from the Lord)

Salvation is coming from the Lord (It’s coming from the Lord)

Oh, it’s coming from the Lord! (It’s coming from the Lord)

Change your focus from what you see around you, to the One who sees it all & who can do something about it. All we need (the help we seek) comes from God! Look UP!



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