My mind moves almost non-stop. My lists are never-ending. My tasks mount up faster than I can accomplish them. One appointment leads to another obligation, until I feel like the proverbial gerbil on the wheel in a cage going nowhere fast! It sometimes feels as though both sleep AND rest are elusive.

So, what IS the answer to coping with all these (mostly) self-inflicted mountains in my life and in yours, too? It’s simple. Pause. Stop. Give it a break. Hope, not cope!

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5 NKJV).

Two very important instructions contained in this scripture are based on the words, “trust” and “lean.”

  1. First, we are to TRUST in the Lord. This does not allow any room for doubt. In fact, the exact opposite of Trust is Doubt. If you are fully Trusting in God, you cannot be exhibiting doubt in any fashion.
  2. Second, we are to LEAN NOT on our own understanding. Your own ideas, comprehension, perceptions, knowledge, and interpretation are simply that … your own. If you depend on yourself, you leave no room for God to work!

One of the definitions of “hope” is to trust or to rely on something or someone. So, when we Trust in the Lord, we are HOPING in the Him-Possible! We have an expectation of fulfillment of that for which we pray.

In addition, when we STOP relying on ourselves and on our solutions, we PAUSE for the Him-Possible, as well! We give God room to do what He does best!

Today’s scripture is so very familiar to most of us. But, I challenge you to look at it from a different perspective today. Speak your needs and requests in prayer. Then, say, “God I completely TRUST in You for the answers.” Then, PAUSE with expectancy for God to perform the Him-Possible for you!



Most of us know that Faith is an important component of seeing a miracle performed. But, sometimes, God asks us to step back and wait — PAUSE — for a specific purpose, in order to see our miracle come to fruition. The Pause for the Him-Possible is an innovative approach to a 30-day devotional with a daily call to action. In this book, Susan Hohman gives us pause to consider an avenue of faith and believing that we may not have considered before.

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