A new online Bible study series entitled, The Powerful Word, begins Monday, November 6th.

In this era of no absolutes and questionable truths, you can take the Word of God to the bank of life.  In this study we will answer the questions where did the Bible come from? How do you know it is the absolute truth of right and wrong, and how do you defend it in a world determined to undermine it?  You will learn the difference between logos and rhema, why the Word is a Person, and how it determines what kind of faith you have.

We invite you to join us at moretolifetoday.net as we dig deeper into God’s Word together.  A new lesson in the series will be posted daily. If you miss a lesson, you can always catch up by visiting the website or you can subscribe to receive the lessons and devotions by email.  Current email subscribers will automatically receive the Bible study lessons.

We also encourage interaction with the author and other Bible study participants using our integrated comment system on the website.

Please share this post with your friends.  We’ll be looking for you to join the discussion on the first Monday in November!

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