Psalms 119:25 CEV

I am at the point of death. Let your teachings breathe new life into me.

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There is something incredible that happens when you hide the word of God in your heart, but also something negative when you turn away from it. This was a lesson that I unfortunately had to learn the hard way during my teen years.

I had been serving God only a few years at this point, and I decided to join Bible Quizzing. I dove in head first, and spent many hours reading, studying, memorizing and quoting scripture. I didn’t realize at the time that I was building up strength spiritually by doing this.

After the year was done, I slowly began to spend less and less time in The Word. I started to struggle (as many teens do) but this time felt different. I remember my Pastor talking to me and asking the question “Did you feel stronger when you were involved in quizzing?”

My heart sank.

I knew the answer to that question. I knew deep down that I was neglecting bible reading, and that it was the reason I didn’t have the strength that I needed to face my battles. I went from spending countless hours reading scripture to almost no time at all. I made the decision to enter the fight unarmed and unequipped to claim victory.

We have been given exactly what we need to face each and every trial life throws our way. We will never face a battle unprepared if our hearts and mind are filled with the inspired Word of God.

God, give me a fresh passion for Your Word. Help me to understand exactly what You’re speaking to me through it, and to live it out. Help me to understand that Your Word is alive, and that is has the power to breathe new life into me.


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