Psalms 118:6-9 CEV

When I was really hurting, I prayed to the Lord. He answered my prayer, and took my worries away. The Lord is on my side, and I am not afraid of what others can do to me.
With the Lord on my side I will defeat all of my hateful enemies.
It is better to trust the Lord for protection than to trust anyone else, including strong leaders.

Abandoned, House, Hut, Building, Broken, Old, Damaged

It seems with each passing day that global tension is increasing. Neighbor’s are turning against each other, families are falling apart and evil is literally being celebrated.

It can be a bit frightening when you sit and take stock of everything that is happening around us, but we can find peace in His word. Take a moment and really absorb all that the above scriptures are saying.

When we are hurting, we can pray (anytime, any place) and He will hear us. Even if our prayers aren’t answered immediately in that moment, just the mention of His name can cause your worries to dissipate.

The Lord is on our side, and we do not have to fear what others can do to us.

With the Lord on your side, you are victorious!

Finally, one of the best decisions you can make is to trust in the Lord for protection, and not men. We can be mindful and always respectful, but Jesus needs to remain King in our lives. He will always have the final say!

God, please help me to trust in You and Your word today. I am so thankful for every single promise that You have given to us. Lead me today, and help me to be more like You. 

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