“Powerful people harass me without cause, but my heart trembles only at your word.”

Psalms 119:161 NLT

I have been reading through Psalms 119 and it truly is an incredible chapter! Over and over again we see how David ties everything back to God’s Word and his genuine love for it.

When I read the above verse I questioned in my own mind “when was the last time I trembled at the Word of God? When was the last time I was left in awe after doing my daily bible reading?”

We live in scary times, and our world is getting worse by the day it seems. The news is filled with tragedy after tragedy, hate and evil. It’s easy to become frightened during these times of uncertainty, but David confidently proclaims that even though he is constantly being harassed by those in power, he isn’t afraid and does not tremble at their threats.

David only trembles at the Word of God.

How incredibly powerful is that? He is being faced with dangerous situations but does not fear. Instead he turns to the Word, finds his strength there and trusts his God.

I desire for the Word to change me, and stir me up like it did to David. Do you desire for the Word to consume you? To drive you farther into the supernatural? If yes, then dive in!

The bible is a book of love, mercy and hope. God is waiting for you to jump in today and start a new journey of discovery, and a time of drawing nearer to Him.

Prayer: God, help me to have a fresh passion for Your Word today. Speak to me through it, lead me and reveal to me Your great mysteries. Help me to read and study it with understanding, and draw me nearer to You through it.

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  1. Amen! You have inspired me to read and study psalms 119