“One day a man arrived from Baal Shalishah. He brought the man of God twenty loaves of fresh-baked bread from the early harvest, along with a few apples from the orchard. Elisha said, “Pass it around to the people to eat.” His servant said, “For a hundred men? There’s not nearly enough!” Elisha said, “Just go ahead and do it. God says there’s plenty.” And sure enough, there was. He passed around what he had—they not only ate, but had leftovers.”

2 Kings 4:42-44 MSG

One prevailing theme in the life of Elisha is abundance. As I read through the story of his ministry, I see time and time again how God supplied the current need in abundance. The story above is yet another example of this.

An unnamed man arrives on the scene with twenty loaves of fresh baked bread (can you smell it now?) and some apples from his orchard. Elisha quickly commands him to pass it around to the crowd of around one hundred men. The man appears to be shocked and he promptly exclaims that there isn’t enough. This answer doesn’t satisfy Elisha though, who then tells the man to just do it because God says that there is enough.

The man complies and sure enough, there was enough. Not just enough though, they ate and had leftovers. Just like the lady in yesterdays devotion, there was an overflow of what was required. Elisha witnessed time and time again that when God there is enough, then there will absolutely be enough.

Has God supplied any needs in your past that went above and beyond what you were praying and believing for? I have experienced this myself more times than I can count. He truly is our Sustainer and Provider. I encourage you to take a few moments today to remember and reflect on those past miracles, and let your faith be increased today!

Prayer: God, please help me to not forget every need You have supplied for me. I am thankful that I can call on Your name at any time, and that You immediately begin to work it out for my good. Thank you for being my Provider.



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