“Then the disciples took him by night, and let him down by the wall in a basket.” Acts 9:25

This story in Acts 9 almost sounds like something we would read in a suspense novel.  Saul has made some enemies in the city, and they are planning to take his life.  Fortunately, he has some friends, who live near the edge of the city and in the night, they put him in a basket and let him down from the window so he can flee the city.

Recently our pastor was teaching on this chapter in Acts, and he made the statement: “It does not tell us the names of those who held the ropes.”  We do not know who these people were, but we do know that they were willing to do whatever was needed to get Saul to safety.  We do not know whether they were men or women, only that they held the ropes securely so that Saul could escape.

Have you ever considered that the Lord might want you to be a rope holder?  I know we will probably never be called upon to put someone in a basket and lower them from a window in order to protect them from their enemies.  But consider the possibility that there are people who are facing danger, or some great difficulty in life, and with our prayers, we can hold them up before the Lord.


  1. Our pastors and church leaders.  Every day they face onslaughts from the enemy.  Discouragements may come to try and keep them from being their best for the Lord.  As we pray for them, the Lord will strengthen them and encourage them.
  2. Our family. The greatest thing that we can do for our family is to take them to the Lord in prayer every day.  Keep storming heaven on behalf of those who have drifted away from God.
  3. Those who have dedicated their lives to take the Gospel to other countries face things every day that we cannot even imagine.  I am sure that they depend upon us to bring them before the Lord each day, asking for protection, guidance, and strength for the work they are doing.
  4. Our community. We should pray for the leaders of our community, and our country, that they will be guided in the decisions they make, so that we can continue to enjoy the freedom we have to serve God.
  5. Ones God lays on our heart. Maybe you wake up in the night thinking about someone.  That may be the Lord asking you to pray for that person.  You may not know what the need is, but you can hold the rope as you call their name in prayer.

Prayer:  Help me, Lord, to be a rope holder for others.  Help me to be sensitive to your voice so that you can use me to pray for the needs of others.

Devotion by Anne Johnston


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