“And David said to Solomon, My son, as for me, it was in my mind to build an house unto the name of the LORD my God:……..Behold, a son shall be born to thee, who shall be a man of rest;…………..He shall build an house for my name.” I Chronicles 22:7-10

David felt he had been greatly blessed by God, and he desired to build a great building wherein the ark of God would dwell and where God could meet with His people. He started gathering materials suitable for such an undertaking. But God spoke to him and told him that he was not the one to do this, but that his son, Solomon, would sit on the throne after him and that he would build the temple that David visualized.

I was reading this the other morning, and felt the Lord gave me a message which was special. I remember when the Lord called me to give my life completely to Him. I remember the service at Harvey Camp when a missionary challenged us young people to step forward to the altar, signifying that we were giving our life to the Lord, willing to go wherever He wanted and to do what He would have us do. At that time, I had a desire to be a missionary, but later was made aware that the Mission field was the world and there were other ways to serve God besides going to another country.

God saw my desire, but in His great wisdom and love, He showed me that He had other plans for me. Although I did not realize it at the time, I now know that He was sending a wonderful man in my direction, who would become my husband. Although He was not in the ministry, He loved God and always stood behind me in my ministry through the years. God gave us three great children and it was our privilege and responsibility to raise them to know the Lord.

At the present time, two of our children are in full-time ministry, and I rejoice as I see them fulfilling the call of God on their lives and being a blessing not only here in our country, but in different places in the world. I may not have fulfilled my dream to go to a foreign country, but by being faithful in my mission field (our home) my children are accomplishing great things for the Lord.

David did not live to see the beautiful temple that Solomon built, but he did everything he could to prepare the materials for it before he died. So, the temple was a tribute to him as well as to his son. Someone has said that one of the most important ministries a mother can have is to raise a child who loves and serves God.

I am sharing this today, because I feel there may be a lot of mothers out there, who feel they are not really doing anything special for the work of the Lord. BUT that child you are raising may be the one who will bring revival to a town, a city, or to a nation. Just remember, God has a perfect plan for you and for your children. Be faithful in the mission field God has given you and one day you will see your work rewarded.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we know that the whole world is a mission field, and that you have a place for each of us to labour. Help us to be faithful in the place you have positioned us.

Devotion by Anne Johnston



  1. Jinkwen MYLENE claire

    This is what I call the Rehma of God’s word. Amen amen and amen. I got another revelation through this passage this morning. Praise the Lord for using you mom. I am bless since I started following you each morning. You such an inspiration for a young pastor wife like me. I love this more to life bible study. I love it. Thanks so much

    • Anne Johnston

      I thank you for your kind words. I prayed a lot over this, that it would be a blessing to someone else.

  2. Nina Stella Gutuvakaca

    Very encouraging reading the article. Because I have 5 children, 3daughters and 2 sons. 4 are married left with the youngest one. We all living together except for the third daughter living with their in laws
    That’s what I always pray for, for them to be used in the ministry . We are pastoring a church in Nadi.
    It really helps me when reading it.

    Thank you very much. God bless your Ministries.


    • Anne Johnston

      Thank you. I trust all of your children will be used of the Lord, and that your church will prosper and many souls be won for the Lord. Where is Nadi?