“The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe” (Proverbs 18:10).

Do you have a “safe place” you can run in case of a bad storm? There have been a few times that I’ve had to seek shelter when tornado warning sirens went off. Once our Bible study group huddled together in the storage area of a friend’s apartment building for over an hour before it was safe to emerge. At other times I’ve dashed to the lowest level of my home when my weather radio sounded an alert. At work it was an inner hallway away from windows. On a recent trip as I walked through the airport, I noticed several areas, such as restrooms, marked as a safe place to shelter in an emergency.

Most of us have encountered storms—not only the kind brought by nature but also those that come into our lives. They may come suddenly and beat at us with a devastating force. Storms take many forms: a serious illness, sudden financial reversals, rebellious children, unfaithful spouses, strife in the home, betrayal by a friend, death of a loved one, discord in the church family, or other changes in circumstances. Anything which can shake us and knock us off balance becomes our storm. Where is our “safe place” at such times? Proverbs 18:10 tells us that the name of the Lord is the place we must shelter.

Mark 4:35-41 relates the familiar story of the disciples encountering a heavy storm as they navigate their ship on the Sea of Galilee. Verse 37 describes it as “a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.” The situation was perilous, even life-threatening, yet Jesus slept soundly in the back of the ship. The panicked disciples woke Him with their frantic question, “Don’t You care that we’re about to perish?” Have you ever cried out to God with that same panic? “Do You see what’s happening here, Lord? Don’t You care? I’m going under in this situation!”

Then—and now—Jesus does care. He’s in the storm with you, ready to declare, “Peace, be still.” That peace comes when we call on His name. We enter our safe place and are secure!

Prayer: Lord, thank You for the assurance that You are my place of safety. When I feel the waters of trouble washing over me, I will call on Your name to bring peace to my situation. There is power in Your name, and all I have to do is speak it in desperate faith. Thank You for the peace that floods my soul when I call out to You.



  1. Melody Reever

    A very timely devotion! Thank you for the reminder to run to the Lord, our strength in the time of trouble.