You received a gift from God when I placed my hands on you to ordain you. Now I’m reminding you to fan that gift into flames. God didn’t give us a cowardly spirit but a spirit of power, love, and good judgment. (2 Timothy:6-7, GW)
It’s a cool day and you are on a beach making a fire. You and your friends are all huddled around a little pile of sticks and paper and you have only one match to get it started.  You decide to light the paper first because you are certain that it will burn.  You watch as the paper ignites and is quickly consumed by the flames.  You begin to panic because you know that once the flame is gone you have no way of lighting it again.  Suddenly you notice that one of your pieces of wood has caught some of the flame and you feel hopeful.  You immediately begin to blow lightly on the red sparks and see the fire begin to grow.  Before you know it, you are sitting comfortably around your perfect blazing fire.

Fanning a fire is exactly what it needs to thrive.  Without oxygen, a fire quickly dwindles down and lasts only a short time.  God does not want us to sit and watch as his light diminishes.  He has given each of us gifting’s and abilities to grow His kingdom.  We must fan the fire into flames and watch as the Lord uses us to light our entire cities on fire!

Prayer: Set our hearts on fire for you! Let us not be cowardly but courageous.  In Jesus name, amen.

Devotional by Melinda Keays


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