Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8a)

Sometimes we just need to sit quietly and let our thoughts flow in whatever direction God might lead. Today as I reflected on God’s goodness to me, I began to write down what swirled through my mind.

This is not so much a morning devotion as an invitation to follow along as I ponder my relationship with God. I hope these musings will spark some questions within your mind as well. Perhaps you can jot down your own thoughts and then take time to talk to God about how you can deepen your relationship with Him.

My View of God

Sometimes I think we view God as our personal valet or concierge—there to take care of our problems, to answer our questions, and to quickly respond to our prayers. Am I more interested in what He can do for me than what I can do for Him? Perhaps not consciously, but is that what my actions tell Him? Yes, He has given me many promises in His Word, but a true love relationship goes both ways. He is faithful to me, but I must also be faithful to Him.

My Growth with God

Rather than asking What can God do for me, perhaps it’s time to ask What is God doing in me. Am I allowing Him to work in my life, to change me into a better person? A better witness? A better servant? Am I maturing, growing? Or am I stuck at the same stage of development in my walk with God, beyond the milk of an infant but not quite chewing all the solid meat as an adult. Am I content to remain at this level of maturity, allowing God to provide my needs but not assuming personal responsibility to deepen our relationship?

My Time with God

Is it all about me or all about Him? Are my prayers filled with petitions but lacking in praise and worship? If my relationship with God is based on love, am I concerned about His feelings? Am I offering Him my love and devotion? Do I feel His sadness when I forget Him and don’t make time for Him in my day? Do I crave His nearness and long for Him to be involved in my life?

So, my friend, if you have followed along to this point, I suggest we both ask ourselves this question: Since God has given me so much, what can I give back to Him?

Prayer: Lord, I never want to become complacent in my walk with You. You shower me with Your amazing love each day and show me You care in so many ways. You willingly took my place so that I could be saved. Can I do any less than offer myself willingly back to You? You are my everything.


Mary enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and spending time with old friends. Although directionally challenged, she would rather take the back roads with their discoveries than the boredom of the interstate.

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  1. Marie Ronhovde

    This was very good, Sis. Loudermilk. Very needful.