“The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone.”

John 1:4 NLT

I grew up attending Sunday school off and on with my grandparents, usually when my excuse to not go wasn’t believable enough for my Mom. It wasn’t that I hated going, but I was the only one in my immediate family that was made to go and that just didn’t seem fair to me.

As the years passed, my church attendance waned and I decided to travel my own path. Little did I know, my path was not the correct one. The direction I was heading in would only lead to hurt, disappointment and loss.

I’m so thankful that God saw me in my depressed, confused and broken state and picked me up, dusted me off and told me I had a purpose.

The scripture above tells us that God is the Word. I can testify to you today that God created something new in me, and a big part of that was through His word. If Jesus himself can give life, so can His word!

I remember spending hours reading my bible, learning scripture for bible quizzing, and highlighting every verse I loved! It was so exciting to me, reading that God loved me, died for me and had an incredible plan for my life.

Feeling stressed today about the current state of the world? Are you afraid of what the future may hold, or perhaps just a little anxious because everything seems so uncertain right now? His word will ground you and it will become your firm foundation if you read it, study it, absorb it and live it.

His word will sustain you, provide answers, give you counsel and steady your heart. Everything you need can be found in the Word of God! Why? Because everything you need can be found in God!

God, I’m thankful for your word today. You have given me everything I need to walk through this life confidently and I know I can trust in You and Your word today. Help me to live out my faith today and to apply Your word.

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