“Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.” (Jeremiah 17:7 in the King James Version of the Holy Bible.)

Jeremiah’s prophecy was not all prophetic. He cautioned the Israelites not to misplace their confidence in the middle of their distresses. This is something we all need to learn.

In verse five, he lets them know when they place their trust in man they will be cursed. Putting confidence in man’s wisdom and power will bring a curse on your life. Man is flesh and incapable of giving us hope without the Spirit of the Living God.

We can trust God. He is all-sufficient both to fill up the place of those who fail us and to protect us from those who do us harm. We must make the Lord our hope. His favor, the good we hope for and His power, the strength we hope for.

Jeremiah makes us aware of what happens when we put our trust in the Lord. Blessings are given to all who have true confidence in God. Want to be blessed? Try trusting Him! Place your hope in God rather than in man.

Prayer: Today, I am praising You, Lord, for all You are doing in my life! My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus and His Righteousness. Amen!

Devotion by Kaye Singleton

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  1. Allison Skibba

    One God, One Lord, One Hope, One Baptism, One Faith!! Praise the Lord! Great message!! His Name is Jesus!!