“For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.” Matthew 16:27

When our family gets together, one of the things we most like to do is play Scrabble. It is such a great game to plan, and very interesting to see some of the words others come up with. Since all of us are avid readers, we have a good vocabulary to choose from.

But no matter how good our vocabulary, the game really depends on the letters you draw. It is frustrating sometimes to have a complete word on your rack, but not be able to find a place to play it on the board. Or, to be sitting with a “Q” and no “U” to play with it. I know there are a few words that don’t need the “U” and my grandsons know all of them. Another frustration is seeing a good place to play, but when your turn comes, someone else has already used it. But only one person can win the game.

Isn’t life a lot like that? We can plan what we are going to do, but circumstances can change and other people may do things that change our plans. But I am thankful that when we give control of our lives over to the Lord, we can rest assured that He has everything planned and knows the end from the beginning. No matter what happens to change the game, we all win in the end, if we trust and follow Him. As the song goes, “I’ve read the back of the book and we win.”

Prayer: Thank you Lord, for your great plan of salvation, and for the hope we have of spending eternity with you.

Devotion by Anne Johnston


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