“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”

Psalms 147:3

I have a two daughters who love band-aids. We go through boxes of them because they “need” a band-aid for every boo boo. If one of them stubs her toe, band-aid. If the other bruises her leg, band-aid. And of course every little scratch and scrape, because they definitely require an extra large band-aid. 

But I also love the thought of a band-aid, and I’m thirty years old. If I get a paper cut, a band-aid seems to heal it up so quickly and makes the pain disappear. I guess the idea of covering our boo boo’s never really goes away. 

No matter our age, we will all require healing at some point in our lives. And there are some healings that require so much more than a simple bandage. Wounds that cut so deep, you wonder if you will ever find the end of them. 

We can be hurt so tragically in this life, but God promises to heal our broken hearts and bandage our wounds. Isn’t he such a kind and gentle Savior? That He would take the time to meet with us and carefully mend what was broken.  

God has opened His nail scarred hands to you today, in hopes that you will place your hurts and wounds into them and allow healing to happen. 

It’s okay to admit that you are hurting. It’s okay to accept that you need something that humanity cannot provide. It’s okay to need something more. Allow yourself to be healed today, whether that be spiritually, physically, emotionally or mentally. 

Jesus, I am so thankful that You are our Healer. You are a God of restoration, and You are excellent at repairing broken things. Heal me today, help me to move forward and to be who I am supposed to be in You. 

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  1. Betty McCarty

    Thank you for your inspirational writings!!