God is the God of order. He ordered the present world into existence in a series of events that each complimented the next task until it was complete.

In the letters to the church at Corinth, God used Paul to spell out order within the church. He explained that God is love and this is the cornerstone for God’s order. He gave directives for the gifts and how they should flow in order to flourish and keep unity among the believers. In I Corinthians 11, God’s order for the family to operate in spiritual alignment was spelled out. God is the head of the husband, and the husband is the head of the wife, together covering their children.

But what if the order is interrupted by a circumstance not chosen by us, but allowed?

As a mom, losing the covering of your husband that was in alignment with God’s plan, you would immediately feel exposed and without safety.

As a single mom, made single by a plethora of uncontrolled circumstances, you may now feel open to spiritual attack and doubt in your heart.

As a mom with an unsaved spouse, you may feel like a harbor for doubt to drift in and unsettle your purpose.

A precious and much-admired widow once shared her experience. When God took her husband after a battle with cancer, instead of being fearful that she wouldn’t be able to hear God the same way because her husband’s covering was removed, she experienced something entirely different. She said God’s voice came close and communicated directly to her. When the God-ordered, spiritual covering of her spouse was no longer present, God Himself became a direct covering.

No matter what circumstance caused the change in your situation, and there are so many, God is a God that fills the gaps and stands in to assure that you are wholly covered. He cares, He hears.

Psalm 91:4 says, “He shall cover you…under His wings you shall take refuge; His faithfulness shall be your shield” (NIV).

Did you catch that? It is a promise. His faithfulness will be a shield. The shield will stave doubt. It will guard your heart. It will starve out the fear that your prayers are not being heard! Understanding order, recognizing your covering and shielding your mind from doubt will align you to trust Him completely!

The prayers you are praying for your children and loved ones are on a direct access line to the throne room of God. Your circumstance has not separated you from Him. Because of your alignment and covenant to God’s order, you have unabridged access. So, continue praying and trust your prayers are being heard. He is the God of order.

Ashlea hails from Wynne, Arkansas, where she and her husband, John, pastor a beautiful congregation. Though she is a Registered Nurse by profession, she fulfills her God-calling by raising her four children. She serves as Arkansas Ladies Ministries President.

Reprinted with permission from Ladies Prayer International.



    I’ve been in Psalm 91 all week and as the issue with the Coronavirus unfolds. I am so comforted by his love for me! And this Psalm was given to me in a dream in 2011 so it has become my life Psalm! Praise Jesus!!!

  2. This devotion made me cry unexpectedly this morning as I was reminded that God will cover me, he will shield me, he has my back even though my uncontrolled circumstances that He has allowed and doesn’t take away, causes “doubt to drift in.” And I wonder because of my circumstances, “will it separate me from him?” Thank you for this, and God’s word, as I’m encouraged to keep trusting Him as His covering will be there for me, I am not forgotten, he cares, he covers.