“Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning;” (Luke 12:35, KJV)

I have probably read this verse or heard the phrase “gird your loins” hundreds of times, but today the English Standard Version struck me different.

“Stay dressed for action and keep your lamps burning,” (Luke 12:35, ESV)

As a woman, I pack a lot.  Whether it’s a “bible bag” for church, bags to go to the beach or multiple bags for a long trip. I usually pack for myself, my boys and for all of those unexpected things. I almost always pack too much. The “just in case” things like extra clothes and good supply of medicine to cover any manner of illness. When traveling in the winter, we pack extra blankets, clothes and fire supplies just in case we end up stranded.

To be honest, reading “gird your loins” does not particularly motivate me, but when I hear “stay dressed for action” that is speaking my language.

What action are we being called to dress for? The verse is speaking of a servant waiting for the coming of his master. Just as a servant prepares for the return of the master we are to prepare for the return of our King. Part of being ready is preparing ourselves as well as being busy about our Father’s business. People are His business. Reaching people is our command and mission.

How do we dress for action?  We need to be ready to give an answer and a ray of hope to the dark world in which we live. We need to follow God’s voice to be led to those who are hungry and ready to receive that hope. We need to equip ourselves with the tools needed to reach those around us. Most importantly we need to seek to be like Him and to love our neighbors as He does. When we are equipped with compassion, sensitivity and knowledge, we are truly dressed for our God given mission.

Prayer:  Lord, let me be prepared today for every good work. Let me be sensitive to those around me and ready to share the hope that was shared with me.


Bethany Peters was born and raised in Pierre, South Dakota. She is married to her perfect opposite and together they are raising two adventurous boys, Levi and Isaac. Baking, thrift stores and coffee are a few of her most favorite things. She currently serves as South Dakota’s Ladies Ministries President.

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