“Turn away from evil and do good. Search for peace, and work to maintain it.”

Psalms 34:14 NLT

I have experienced the type of peace that Philippians 4:7 talks about. Peace that passes all understanding. Peace that holds you together when you should be falling apart. Peace that changes the atmosphere in the room you’re in.

I had just been told I was having my second miscarriage and would need surgery to remove the baby as my body wasn’t naturally passing it. I heard the words the doctor spoke to me, and my heart was instantly broken, but I just was still.

From the time I received the news until I woke up from surgery I was at absolute peace, I was calm, and I knew I was in the very presence of God. I still get emotional thinking about it, because it was absolutely incredible.

We of course grieved when we got home, having moments of absolute heartbreak, but God’s peace surrounded us throughout the entire ordeal.

We can walk in that peace everyday. Peace that passes all understanding doesn’t only have to happen when we are in the middle of tragedy.

The scripture above tells us to search for peace, and to work to maintain it. First, if something can be searched for that means it can be found. It isn’t unattainable, or out of our reach. It’s something that we as humans can posses.

Second, we must work to maintain it. Daily communication with God, bible reading, living the word, and trusting in God are just some of the ways that we can insure that we will have peace in our lives.

You can experience peace not only today,  but everyday if you will only search for it and work to maintain it!

God, help me to feel peace today. Let me feel You near, and to always walk in Your peace. Lead me to someone today who could use some peace.

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